Make Fright-Free Dental Choices During Autumn Festivities

Candy-centered festivities are common during the autumn months. From Halloween to fall carnivals, sweet treats are the centerpiece of many celebrations. When you combine this with other party temptations, all those opportunities for indulgence can impact dental health. Consider these simple strategies to make fight-free choices for your dental health.

Eat Before a Party or Carnival

If you are going to a Halloween party or other autumn celebration, eat before you go. That can seem counter intuitive since your host may be hyping up their event with tales of the delicious food that will be available. Nevertheless, that is yet another reason to resist. Knowing that unhealthy fare will be readily available is a terrific reason to fill up on stuff that is good for you.

Good food does not have to be boring, either. Improvise with fun and healthy foods.

If you are encouraging kids to eat snacks before a party, you can offer orange treats like carrots to match the festive colors of the season. Pumpkin seeds are also teeth-friendly.

The American Dental Association recommends staying away from sticky sweets. Also, the ADA recommends limiting your citrus intake. Although citrus fruits are a part of a healthy diet and offer key nutrients, they also may erode tooth enamel because of their acidity when consumed in excess.

Decide How Much You Will Indulge Before You Attend a Celebration

When you are invited to a party or other social gathering where you will encounter Halloween candy and other sweets served, decide how much you will indulge before you arrive. If you wait until you are in the moment to make a choice, you are more likely to find an excuse to give in to the temptation.

On the other hand, if you decide you will only have one small piece of candy, you can still enjoy the taste you love. However, you do not have to suffer the consequences of over-indulging. Simply by making the decision when you are not in the heat of the moment, you empower yourself to more easily stick to healthy habits.

Take the Time to Savor the Treats You Choose

Most people do not want to go throughout the autumn holidays without having at least a few sweet treats. If you decide an indulgence is worth it, take the time to truly savor what you eat. Do not just grab a piece of chocolate and eat it on the go. That is not likely to be satisfying. Instead, sit down and fully focus on the treat. Savor all the tastes, textures and pleasures of the sweet.

Also, if you keep a food journal, save the wrapper and write about the experience. You may find that eating a sweet treat was not as much fun as anticipating it. For some people, just the idea of indulging in something decadent is fun, but they do not really enjoy the experience. If you find that you do not get enough satisfaction from a treat, it will be easier to say no next time.

Bring a Dental Care Kit in Your Purse

Put a travel-sized dental kit in your purse. Always carry it with you to occasions when you are going to indulge in a sweet treat. Be sure it includes dental floss or another interdental cleaning device, a toothpick, a toothbrush and toothpaste. Then, if you eat gooey or hard candy that gets stuck in your teeth, immediately excuse yourself and remove the debris from your teeth.

Finally, the best way to enjoy continued dental health throughout the year is to establish and follow health habits. Also, go to the dentist for regular cleanings and check-ups. Contact Silverstone Family Dental to set appointments for you and your family today. We happily serve all members of your family and strive to support optimal dental health.