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While regular maintenance of your teeth will help prevent tooth decay and other issues with your oral health, problems such as chipped teeth can sometimes prove unavoidable. It’s important that, when problems such as these do occur, you get them taken care of as quickly as possible so they do not get any worse.

At Silverstone Family Dental, located in Meridian, ID, we restore cracked or broken teeth with dental crowns. A dental crown will provide extra strength to your weakened, cracked tooth while ensuring that your tooth does not chip further. It will also restore your beautiful smile and or chewing function, ridding you of the lack of confidence and pain you might otherwise suffer.

Up To Date

While some dental crowns can be easily spotted as fake, crowns made from metal-free materials blend in easier with the rest of your teeth.  This makes it much more difficult for anyone to tell that they are not, in fact, part of your natural smile. Here at Silverstone Family Dental, we are proud to offer metal-free crowns for your teeth.

Technology is always changing, and here at Silverstone Family Dental, we believe in changing with it. We strive to stay up to date on the latest advances in oral health technology so that we can make sure that you receive exceptional care. As better tooth restorative materials and instruments become available, we make sure to incorporate them into our services.

Comfortable and Professional

We believe in making your dental procedure as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We understand that a trip to the dentist’s office can seem scary, so we make every effort to make you feel at home. You can rely on our friendly and experienced staff to give you the best dental treatment available.

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You don’t have to let a chipped tooth keep you from feeling good about your smile. Keep your teeth strong and your smile beautiful. Schedule an appointment with Silverstone Family Dental by calling (208) 888-3623 today.

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Research has shown that your oral health is linked to the rest of your body in many ways. For example, gum disease can be a reflection of diabetes, heart disease, and low birth weight. Give Silverstone Family Dental a call for optimal care at a reputable dental office. We would be happy to schedule you an appointment with our dentist and dental hygienists.

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