Dental Extractions in Meridian, ID

Silverstone Family Dental is a professional dental office that is perfect for the whole family. We are located in Meridian, ID, and provide all types of dental service, including tooth extractions and implants. With years of experience, a non-specializing residency, and continuing education, most treatment can be managed in our office.

For more complex cases, or if you prefer a specialist, we can make a referral to the specialist best suited for the procedure.

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Get Your Oral Health in Order

Many people need a tooth extraction at least once in their life. If you, or your child, require a tooth extraction, then look no further than Silverstone Family Dental. Our staff has years of experience and are up to date on the latest techniques for tooth removal. Whether you need your wisdom teeth out or need an extraction for another reason, we can help.

We not only remove teeth but also restore your smile. For example, we offer dental implants to give you the best ability to function after tooth loss. Implants are prosthetic tooth roots placed into the jawbone. This prevents bone atrophy as a result of the missing tooth root. The implant will be used to support a crown, bridge, or denture. Our staff discusses your options with you before starting any restorative treatments.

Visit a Dental Office That Cares

At Silverstone Family Dental, we have the latest available technology and equipment to ensure that your tooth extraction is a success. We strive to give you an up-to-date and professional environment for all of your oral needs.

With us, visiting the dentist does not have to be stressful. Our mission is to help you feel comfortable and relaxed, and we strive to always do our best work.

Our team is personable and knows our patients. When you visit Silverstone Family Dental, you will know that you are in good hands. Our staff is patient-oriented to give you and your family a stress-free visit. To set up an appointment, fill out our form or call us at (208) 888-3623.

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Research has shown that your oral health is linked to the rest of your body in many ways. For example, gum disease can be a reflection of diabetes, heart disease, and low birth weight. Give Silverstone Family Dental a call for optimal care at a reputable dental office. We would be happy to schedule you an appointment with our dentist and dental hygienists.

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